>Using Facebook to pray

>I was reminded that creativity can go a long way in helping us to pray without ceasing. For example, a friend of mine prays for his wife every time he opens a door. He prays for his kids every time he washes his hands (or sanitizes).

I decided to add my own touch. You ever notice on FB how random friends (and their profile pics) will show up in your friends box? Why not take the time to pray for the four to six pictures that show up each time you log in? This way you can be a true friend. Just a thought.

So as I’m logging in, I’ll stop to pray for Krystyn, William, Joe, DD, Connie, and Dustin. Six people I’ve just done battle for. 
What creative things do you employ to pray for people without ceasing? Share your best practices!

2 thoughts on “>Using Facebook to pray”

  1. >Thanks for praying for me today. God is good!I agree with you, facebook is a way to pray for people, especially when their status may show they are having a tough day. I will now incorporate the random friends who appear. I like that!One thing I do is while I am driving my route to work each day I pass the streets where people from church live. There are 10 people that I pray for that way. The Lord knows their immediate needs on a given day and there is always one or two that He places on my heart in a special way. Sometimes it's a prayer of thankfulness, for health, encouragement,blessing, etc. One more way to pray without ceasing. There's my just a thought for today. PS. Thanks for posting all of the prayer points each day.

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