>Day 14: Partnership in Churches

>Sunday’s prayer points were for unity and partnership with area churches. Interestingly, CF was being a partial answer to its own prayers as Dave McDowell was guest preaching at a church down in Romeoville. The pastor actually had our 40-day prayer guide and mentioned it to his congregation as he introduced Dave! It seems that this movement is affecting more than just us!

Prayer points:

  • Thank God for the many Bible believing/gospel centered churches in our area that are equipping the saints and reaching the lost.
  • Pray that God gives us an awareness of how we can partner with churches as we serve those in need in the community.
  • Pray that God would continue to give the Church a spirit of being like-minded, with the same love, in one spirit and purpose for God’s glory. 
  • Pray that God would reveal those areas of our hearts where judgment and bitter feelings towards other churches hold us captive in sin.  May we confess those sins and seek ways of reconciliation so others may see the gospel at work in the life of the Church.
  • Pray that God grants us His wisdom and direction towards unity among the local church.  And that by the power of the Holy Spirit we may look to God’s Word for direction as He provides creative ways to serve together. 
Next week, I get to preach at West Alliance Church in Warrenville for a friend who’s at the Lausanne Congress. I am grateful that CF is so generous that it sees as part of its mission to support and serve other area churches. It’s a real blessing.

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