>The All-Seeing Eye…


Ed Welch wrote a great article about what the omnipresence of God truly means. Knowing that God sees us should remind us to live rightly and to walk humbly with our God, but not in the dehumanizing sense that Jean Paul Sartre suggested. Rather, knowing that God sees brings great freedom. He explains as such.

This can too quickly evoke visions of a heavenly hall monitor or a parent saying, “Watch yourself young man, because I have my eye on you.” This isn’t the picture God gives us. Instead, the eyes of God are our hope. They are a blessing. When he sees us it means that he is close, and there is nothing better than to be in the presence of the Lord. So the picture is not that of a heavenly gestapo. It is of heaven penetrating earth – God with us. His presence reminds us that we are in his holy presence, in which we can see that sin is a destructive intruder. With the Light shining clearly, we can run from sin and death, and we can be imitators of the Light. His presence is our protection.”

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