>Decision Day

>It’s election day, and our prayer focus was on praying for our nation. Pastor Dave gave a brief and directed devotion on the need to pray for our leaders from 1 Tim 2. The point was made that we are not to be angry or quarrelsome, but rather to pray. In addition, we are to live quiet (peaceful) lives, praying for our leaders.

Here’s today’s prayer points:

  • Pray that leaders would be elected who believe they must answer to God, not just voters; and pray that they would recognize their own inadequacy to fulfill their tasks and that they would depend upon God for knowledge, wisdom, and the courage to do what is right.
  • Since “righteousness exalts a nation” pray that our nation would vote according to the moral character of the candidates and not purely along party lines; and pray that they would remember to be good examples in their conduct to the fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters of this nation.
  • Pray for our President, our Legislators, our Supreme Court Justices; Pray for our State and local officials; all persons in authority:
  • Pray that they would be ready to sacrifice their personal ambitions and political careers for the sake of this nation, if yielding them would be in the best interest of their country,
  • Pray they would restore dignity, honor, trustworthiness, and righteousness to the office they hold.
  • Pray that our elected officials would be protected from personal sin, particularly that which would compromise their judgment. Pray also that they would realize their personal sinfulness and their need for Jesus Christ.
  • Pray that God would send a revival to our nation… and start with us.
  • As Christian citizens – you’ve prayed, now go and VOTE.

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