Leadership Summit Session with Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni – Organizational Health
“People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed.” – Samuel Johnson
Organizational health is the single most resource for every organization, but often untapped.
Two requirements for success:

  1. Smart – marketing, strategy, finance
  2. Healthy – minimal politics and confusion, high morale, productivity, very low turnover among the best people

It’s easier to deal with the more objectifiable ‘smart’ stuff. The truth is that most organizations are indistinguishable based on the strategy, technology, etc., but often they can’t tap into it b/c of a lack of organizational health.
Four disciplines to building organizational health:

  1. Build a cohesive leadership team. Master five behaviors: results, accountability, commitment,
  2. Create clarity: intellectual clarity, on the same page. Mission statements don’t do this. Rather answer 6 questions to create clarity:
  • Why we exist? Purpose. Easy for churches to answer. When you know why you exist, it will inform the decisions you make. Keeps you for losing your way.
  • How do we behave? Values. Churches have a harder time with this. The challenge is to narrow down to the three truly accurate behaviors that describe our culture. Don’t get confused by aspirational values (what we want to be); or ‘permission to play’ values (minimum standards: eg. Christian values, practice and faith)) Something you are willing to die for. What are the core values of my church?
  • What do we do?
  • How will we succeed? Strategy. Must be accessible to everyone – intentional decisions you make that will differentiate you and cause you to succeed. Three strategic anchors to help inform every decision.
  • What is most important right now?
  • Who must do what?

Answers to these questions will empower people!
3. Over-communicate clarity. Need to hear something seven times to get it across.
4. Reinforce clarity. Employ creative means to reinforce your values.

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