Leadership Summit Session 5 with Craig Groeschel


(No notes for Sessions 3-4) Craig Groeschel – Thoughts on bridging the gap between the generations

To the older generation:
  • Don’t resent, fear, or judge the next generation. 
  • If you are not dead, you are not done.
  • Handing over ministry to the next generation
    • Don’t just delegate tasks. That creates followers. Delegate authority b/c then you create leaders. 
    • Give freedom to succeed and fail. 
  • Embrace the season you are in. Be authentic. Authenticity trumps cool. 

To the younger generation:

  • You need those who have gone before you. Leading up is about showing honor. Public loyalty = private leverage. Respect is earned. Honor is given. 
  • Because we are by nature entitled, we overestimate what we can do in the short run, and we will always underestimate what faithfulness can accomplish in the long-run.

For the generations to get together, it must be intentional. It doesn’t happen by accident. Organizations naturally age, so we must be intentional about learning from each other.

  • Create ongoing feedback loops from those who are older and younger. On speaking, teaching, etc. 
  • Create specific mentoring moments – ask questions, learn. You have to plan for them. Requires humility!
    • learn how mentors think, not just what they do!
    • Where are my weak spots? Strengths?
  • Create opportunities for significant leadership development

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