>I think I'm in love

>Today marked Day 5 of our 40-day Prayer Gathering, and this day was particularly special for me because my wife was able to join me. Thanks to my in-laws for being home to be with the kids! We arose early in the morning and were the first to arrive at church. Our morning conversation was just simple, but splendid. It was a wonderful thing to arrive at church together and have her beside me. I was really reminded that we are in this pastoral ministry together. She’s my partner and friend – she really is a wonderful help-mate!

Not only was she wonderful company, she looked cuter than any person has the right to look at 5:30 in the morning. But here’s the part that won me over. As we sat and prayed together, I could clearly make out in the murmurings of her prayers such a sweet spirit. As this mother offered prayers for her children with tears, as she asked God to move in the hearts of wayward cousins, as she pled with God to save her new friend that she had met a few weeks ago…I was absolutely enamored. I want to pray that sweetly and sincerely. I want to know what it is to love God that way. I wanted to know this woman. Wait, I do! She’s mine, and I am hers! On our way home, we stopped by Starbucks, grabbed two hot drinks, and just sat for a little bit talking about our week, and where we were in life. It was simply wonderful. I think I’m in love…

On to today’s prayer requests:

  • Pray for the Lord to send out more laborers into the harvest.
  • Pray that lost family members, friends, and neighbors would come to repentance and faith in Jesus.
  • Pray for the advancement of God’s kingdom and the restoration of a lost world.
  • Pray for the wayward, back-slidden, and prodigals to return home.
  • Pray that your heart would grow more burdened for the lost, that you would share the Lord’s heart for those who do not know him.
  • Pray for boldness and compassion to share the Gospel with those around you.
Oh that God would reap a harvest of souls in our lifetimes! That the lost would be found and the lame healed! This song was in my head all morning. The pics are random, but the music and lyrics capture well what this morning was about.

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  1. >What a wonderful tribute to the loving relationship your marriage portrays. Pray that our young adults will find the love & joy in a marriage partner, blessed by God.

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