>How the Recession will affect Halloween 2010

>CNN posted an article today about the most popular Halloween costumes for 2010. It seems that MTV is dictating yet another area of our pop culture. One part of the article particularly troubled me.

“Halloween enthusiasts are planning to spend considerably more than they did last year, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2010 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey.

Americans will spend $66.28 on costumes, candy and decorations, up 18% from last year. Total spending for the holiday is expected to reach $5.8 billion.

This year, 40.1% of respondents are planning to wear a costume, the highest percentage in the NRF survey’s history, and up from 33.4% last year (11.5% will put costumes on their pets as well).

“Halloween has become our national party and even though the economy has been challenged it’s an easy escape,” Spirit Halloween’s Silverstein said.”

5.8 billion dollars on dressing up. 5.8 billion… If, according to CNN’s stats, the average American spends $66.28 on Halloween-related stuff, it would equate to being able to feed one child for five months through Compassion International. One night of frolicking and amusement equals five MONTHS of life for a child.

I find it absolutely unbelievable that despite charitable giving being down across the nation (blamed on the economic downturn), many in our country will still find a way to party and to indulge. More people will dress up and spend money to do so than before the recession? I guess it just goes to show that people will find a way to do what they want, and spend the money to do it. God help our nation…

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