>Day 9 – Pay Attention!

>Today’s prayer theme is for the elders and pastors of your church. Pastor Dave gave a poignant devo from Acts 20:28. The phrase of the day was ‘pay attention’. Elders are to be overseers of the flock of God, and they are to pay attention to themselves (their doctrine, their families, their walks with God) as well as the flocks over which God has set them. Let’s pray that God would give much grace and discernment to our elders and pastors that they might be diligent to pay attention.

Prayer Points:

  • Thank God for the pastors and elders God has added to our church.
  • Our elders and pastors will “pay attention” to themselves – walk with God, marriage, family, witness, purity.
  • Our elders and pastors will “pay attention” to the flock at CF – prayer, teaching, counsel, mentoring, availability.
  • As a congregation we will be faithful in our prayers and support of our elders and pastors – realize that this is not their job, but a calling for which they will be held accountable.
  • That God will select from among us additional elders to lead the flock.
  • That God will guide us in our selection of a new Community Kids Director.
  • Pronounce a blessing on our elders and pastors: Elders- Ed Evans, Tom Jones, Jeff Johnson, Dave McDowell, Bob O’Connor, Gordon Spahr, Herman Valdez, John Wilson; Pastoral Staff- Bill Gillette (worship), Mitchel Lee (teaching), Dave McDowell (lead), Kevin Sampson (community groups), Gordon Spahr (executive).

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