>Day 7 – Sunday Prayer Meeting

>Being Sunday, I wasn’t sure who would show up for the 8 am prayer time. Personally, I found it more difficult to wake up later than the previous days. It’s amazing how relatively quickly the body can be disciplined and trained. 

The morning prayer time was powerful as we filled a half room. Even more, praying together for a passion for purity and holiness caused in me a real sense of anticipation and excitement about worshiping together with the people of God. I wanted God to do something so amazing and spectacular.

During the worship service, I found myself repeating the same prayer over and over, asking God to move in his church. I was becoming desperate, longing for God to move because I recognized that only He could break through our spiritual haze. Only God can stir up longings for other-worldly things, and I committed to myself that if nothing else, I would become a pastor who prayed that the church would wake up. It was a very reflective worship experience. Would that every time we come together as the people of God that we would expect God to do something great.

Here’s today’s prayer points:

  • Spend some time meditating on the purity of God. What does this mean? Respond in prayer.
  • Spend some time considering the holiness of God. What does this mean?
  • As you consider God’s purity and holiness, confess the areas of your life that do not reflect God’s purity and holiness.
  • Pray that God’s purity and holiness would invade different areas of our world (schools, homes, workplaces, etc.)
  • Pray that God would give you passion for his purity and holiness. 
  • Pray that the people in your life would pursue purity and holiness.

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