>My friend, Robert Nordstrom, from OM called me to inform me about this movie showing that they are hosting at Moody Church in the city. My church has the opportunity to do a showing out here in the Western Suburbs. The topic is one that I have been afraid of for far too long – the plight of refugees fleeing North Korea. With all of the exposure I’ve had in recent years to plight of refugees around the world (particularly Africa and SE Asia), I’ve been afraid of how the situation in North Korea would affect me. It’s hard enough to bear with the stories of these refugees from around the world let alone other Koreans.

Still, I can’t avoid the topic anymore. It appears that the work of ministry has led me in this direction, and I need to be open to what God wants to show me through this movie. It’s not a documentary although it tries as realistically as possible to describe the harrowing situation north of the border. You can watch a trailer here.

I hope if you’re in the area, you’ll come out and watch this movie. It will be either July 21 or 23. Stay tuned for more info.

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