>And so it begins…

>Well, I’ve been putting this book idea for long enough, and my dear sweet wife has been calling me to ask on it – challenging me to really start writing and putting some ideas down on paper. I’ve received a lot of feedback on a book idea that started as a point in a sermon, then transformed into a sermon in and of itself, and then into a two-part sermon series. Even this past week, someone came up to me after I had preached this message for the first time in a long time and encouraged me to publish it.

I won’t give the idea away here, but I’m posting on the blog in order to ask for prayer and accountability. I find that as I start projects like this, it’s so difficult to stay focused and steady. (Frankly, it’s amazing that I’ve made as many entries/posts on this blog as I have – part of this blog’s purpose was to prove to myself that it was possible for me to sustain a writing project for longer than one week.) Thus, if you’re a reader, ask me about the writing project is going, send me some notes of encouragement, offer up prayers, etc. This is about more than just trying to get my name out there. I really believe God has given me a message that could really make a difference in the lives of people in a sphere much wider than I can physically travel.

So here we go!!!

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