What do you think about near-death/out-of-body experiences?

I’m sure you’ve heard of them before. Someone who is pronounced dead, but comes back to life minutes later usually reporting seeing some sort of bright light. Often, these experiences are interpreted as contact with the divine or a short visit to heaven. CNN reported on one such account by an 18-year old boy named Ben. His two-part video has gone viral and inspired many. Sadly, he died on Christmas day just after the posting of his second video.
While I certainly don’t want to make light of his death nor his experiences, I am intrigued once again by the question of what happens after you die. I have my own thoughts on what the Bible says, and there are obviously a ton of related questions, but I’d be interested to know, what do you think happens right after you die? Are near-death experiences legit? Leave a comment!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmlTHfVaU9o?rel=0]
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4LSEXsvRAI?rel=0]

1 thought on “What do you think about near-death/out-of-body experiences?”

  1. Brian Eisenmenger

    I think that near death experiences are legit. Someone I know, love and respect had one. Who am I to tell them that what they experienced was not real.
    I do find it interesting how many christians talk about heaven and hell as if they knew what they were like. And although I have my opinion, and believe that heaven and hell are real, Jesus did not come just so we can go to heaven. He came to give us an abundant life – now, here on this earth. He said “The kingdom of God is here”. He did not say, follow me and you will be in the kingdom of God someday.

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