>The power of confession…

>A mother makes a powerful confession about a dark secret. Pride can keep us as parents from doing what is even best for our kids. We don’t want to be found out to be the self-centered, identity-seeking, worth-justifying, reputation-defending people that the Gospel says we are. I am impressed with this mother’s vulnerability and honesty, yet even at the end of such a confession – without the hope of forgiveness, without some sort of rock-solid assurance of hope that my sins can be and will be removed – what does such a confession change? Without an objective sacrifice of atonement, I fear that such a confession can only be emotionally cathartic at best, not really giving a clean conscience or renewed hope in any substantial matter. I pray that she comes to know the life-giving, addiction-freeing, hope-restoring power of a crucified Savior. There really is Good News for her and her son. Spirit, come and open eyes!

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