>Some time to just breathe

>I apologize for the recent break from writing anything substantive. Truthfully, I’ve found that all of my reflective energy has been going into sermons and teaching lessons. On a sad note, time and schedule has gotten away from me such that I’ve done very little writing like I wanted to this month – a cold set me back in sermon prep and various counseling and family obligations have derailed me further still. Busy-ness is no excuse however. I will chalk it up to a combination of two things: laziness and pride…at least that’s what Eugene Peterson describes as the reason for busy-ness in the pastor’s life.

He says laziness is a source of busy-ness because we refuse to take ownership for the things that are really important to us. We let other people and things dictate our schedule because we are not diligent enough to carve out and protect the things and people that are important to us.
Pride comes in because I feel justified and validated that I have so many people to meet and so many ‘important’ things to do. To be busy means that I am in demand and wanted, and so often I flaunt this busy-ness as a sort of passive boasting, an expression of my pride. 
So, I need to find a way to really get cracking on this book. I’ve been pouring over the outline, and based on Justin Taylor’s indirect recommendation, I’ve purchased a book that will be the first in my fall reading list, “How to think like your editor…” I need to clear out the schedule and just write!!!
On another note, I just finished N.T. Wright’s book, “After You Believe”. I will have a review of the book written here by middle of next week. It was a fascinating read, and has got me really thinking about the nature of discipleship and particularly how I need to go about training my two sons in matters of character and virtue. If you’ve ever wondered about what you’re supposed to do after you become a Christian (or maybe the better question is – how you’re supposed to be a true Christian), then this book is for you.
I probably won’t make another post until that review is finished as I am finishing up a sermon series for next week’s GAJA 2010 retreat in Atlanta land (last speaking gig of the summer, hurray!) 
Until then, I’d be interested to know, how do you fight busy-ness so that you can get the things that you really want to do done?

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