>Some Remarkable Saints

>Yesterday we had the opportuniy to worship at Peace Fellowship church. It’s a church located in Ward 7 near Deanwood in NE DC. I was totally blown away by the feel of this church. Again, the hospitality was overwhelming, but this time the multi-ethnicity and diversity in socio-economic backgrounds impacted me. There were movers and shakers in the government (with degrees from Harvard Medical school) standing side by side with recovering addicts. People were sharing prayer requests and giving praises. The singing was joyous and loud. I was moved. Truly the Gospel is for the least to the greatest. A couple of other thoughts:

1. Rev. Dennis Edwards demonstrated that strong exegetical preaching in an urban setting can bear fruit. I was encouraged by the accuracy and simplicity of the message to follow Jesus. No prosperity Gospel here, just a call to deny oneself and take up one’s cross, whatever that cross might be.

2. The Smush factor. I can’t believe that going to a multi-ethnic church in the hood I’d run into a friend from 15 years ago. Steve Park runs a ministry called Little Lights and it was a joy to see him and his family enjoying much grace and favor from God.

3. The Twins. We had lunch at the home of two sisters in their 20s who were living in a rough neighborhood of Deanwood. These girls were from St. Louis, college grads, and were intentionally living in a community, and teaching in the public schools. I was humbled and challenged by their costly obedience forsaking even their parents’ wishes to obey God.

4. Discussion of the day. We’ve been taking as a team about our responsibility to the vulnerable. We can’t got back to our home on West Chicago and simply carry on with life as normal. We can’t go back and just try to help people as they cross our paths because we realize that unless we intentionally change our routines, we won’t come across the vulnerable. That was a challenging thing to think about – on light of responsibility to the vulnerable, what about my life (routine, schedule, priorities) needs to change?

I don’t know if we have answers yet, but they are forming to be sure. What that means only God can show us. Keep praying because these pieces are coming together.

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