Praying for the Election Today

This morning, about 30 folks from my church came together to pray for our nation, the election, the candidates, and our church. What a refreshing and powerful way to start the morning!
As you go about this day, I pray that the Spirit of Jesus would remind you all that our hope can never be in an official or even good laws. Rather, we look to the one man, Jesus, who is a mediator between God and men. Only his power changes a heart, and only changed hearts change a nation.
Throughout the day, I will be posting the Prayer Points we prayed through this morning. These were written by Al Mohler. I found them to be quite insightful. Here’s the first two.
1. Pray that God will bless America with leaders better than we deserve. Truth be told, all we can expect from democracy is the government we deserve. We must pray for a government and for leaders better than we deserve. May God grant us mercy as he reigns and rules over all things, including this election.
2. Pray that Americans will be motivated to fulfill the responsibilities of citizenship, yet also that we will be stripped of an unhealthy and idolatrous confidence in the power of government to save us. God has given us the gift of rulers and governments in order to restrain evil, uphold righteousness, and provide for civil order. No human ruler can save. No government official or office holder can heal the human heart, solve the sin problem, or accomplish final justice. These powers belong to God and God alone.

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  1. Amen! I was folding laundry this morning asking God to let me spiritually join your group this morning and i may physically be at CF tonight. We must be humble (2Chron.7:14) and trust in the Lord always. It was great to join you in prayer even if it wasn’t physically. God Bless!

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