One Meal One Day

This past year, I’ve had the privilege of working with Compassion International and LEAD 222 to help create some preparatory content for this year’s One Meal One Day (OMOD) event. On Nov. 9, 2011, students all across the nation will skip a meal and raise money for Compassion International. Aside from just the monetary aspect, the main goal is introduce students to Compassion International and a what it means to live a lifestyle that has concern for the vulnerable all around the globe. It differs from a 30 hour famine in that there’s a strong evangelism component to it. We asked the question, “how can we use a universal concern for the poor to help students lead their peers to Jesus – to at least open a dialogue about what makes Christian compassion Christian?” It was hard work, but a delight to be involved in creating the pre-event content that group leaders across the nation will use to help prep their groups for OMOD. Check out one of the four videos and follow the link if you’d like to see the other three – you’ll have to download the OMOD_Program Series if you want to see what we wrote. Also, special thanks to my summer interns, Allison Stein and Ryan Schultz for their contributions.

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