>Living in Fantasy

>CNN had an interesting piece on the rise in popularity of Fantasy Football.


Having been a part of fantasy football for several years now, I can attest to the way that this little amusement can absolutely dominate a Sunday, Sunday evening, Monday evening, and Thursday. I find myself constantly checking scores, stats, match-ups, who’s doing well and should be considered for waiver wire pick-up, etc.

All of this crazy frenzy just shows how prone to worship the human heart is. We are not independent, self-sustaining beings. Rather, we are constantly looking to define our lives and give meaning to it by attaching ourselves to whatever we think might provide definition and meaning. The Bible calls this idolatry, and it is part of the Myth that defines our existence. Humans are made to be worshipers, and we will worship whatever promises us satisfaction, happiness, and even glory. Whether it’s Fantasy Football (note even the enticement of the word ‘fantasy’), people’s approval, or whatever.

I think it would be an interesting exercise to think about what it is that rules your life – what are you paying attention to? How would you fill in the blank: FANTASY                                  ?

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  1. >Give it time, you will start to grow tired of Fantasy Football. When I started I would worry myself to the brink of insanity (I'm stretching a bit) about if I should trade Plaxico Burress for Shaun Alexander. However, 8 years later I still enjoy the cyber leagues, but have debated over the last couple of years of whether to even sign up for another year or not…. and I always do.As far as what I pay attention to? Formula One racing, working in my garden; there's something about working in the dirt watching my vegetables grow that worshipful (to God) for me.

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