>Last speaking engagement of the summer

>Well, I’m off this morning to Atlanta, GA where I will be speaking at a retreat called GAJA. It’s a multi-church student retreat sponsored by the Georgia Korean Baptist Association. The last time I spoke there was back in 2003, so it will be a good chance to reunite with some long-time friends and partners in ministry. I ask for your prayers as I speak along the theme of “This is Why”. I will be presenting over 5 sessions an of biblical theology. My hope is to show how the story of salvation history explains the phenomena of human experience – why we do the things we do as humans. I’ll be working straight from Genesis 1 through Revelation, taking brief stops in places like Gen 3, Ex 19, 32, Rom 3, 1 Pet 2, and finally arriving at Revelation. It’s not an easy task, and I’m praying for soft hearts and open eyes and ears.

I’ll post a summary of the experience when I’m back.

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