I Forgot My Phone

Here’s a short video to help you visualize what it looks like to NOT be present. Hope it’ll encourage you to unplug, get out, and have a real moment!

2 thoughts on “I Forgot My Phone”

  1. I so agree with this message. People are becoming observers in life, rather than participants. That’s fine when you’re trying to learn something new; but it becomes a distraction when it is all consuming. I hate cell phones. I still only have a pre-paid that is seldom used. $30 for 3 months of use. People are forgetting to interact face-to-face; or how to give someone their full attention. Technology can improve life; or it can diminish the intimacy of personal contact. Multi-tasking may be good at the office; but please, sometimes we want your full attention. I challenge people to go one day w/o their cell phones. I’ll bet most can’t do it. Get in touch with someone important to you. Be there without any distraction. It shows you care. Oh, and keep those phones off in church! Good post, Mitchel.

  2. I say myself and did not like what I saw, while my job requires a certain level of being in touch, it is time I scale it back, my bad.

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