>Day 18: Praying for Students and Youth

>I love how our prayer themes seem to be right in line with what is going on in the church. I wish I could say that it was totally intentional, but I’ll let the Spirit take credit for that. Last night, I had the privilege of being with 6 friends who are youth pastors in the area. These are guys and gals whom I respect and love. We brought our groups together over a five-month process to talk about caring for the poor, and it culminated in a partnership with Compassion International called One Meal One Day. It was a neat thing to see 130 students together, worshiping God, and sharing stories about what God did in raising awareness and caring for hungry children. With this picture of students coming together to worship and serve God, we met this morning to pray. Seth gave a straightforward challenge that students can be an example for the rest of the church, and he challenged us to pray that way.

Prayer Points:

  • Thank God for the many ways He is working in the lives of students to make them pure, holy and blameless by the blood of Jesus.
  • Thank God for the countless men and women who serve the students of our church week-in and week-out.
  • Pray that God would guard his saints from the lies, manipulation, temptations, and destructive ways of the world – that our students would be INFLUENCERS instead of being influenced.
  • Pray that God would raise up more godly men and women to mentor and disciple students.
  • Pray for the youth who have forgotten their first love and walked away from the church – that they would return.
  • Pray that passion and boldness would grow in the hearts of youth as they seek to serve and follow Jesus.

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