Buy a bag, raise a leader.

A friend of mine through a coaching/mentoring organization I’m a part of has come up with a cool concept. When a bunch of us were in Guatemala last year September with Compassion International, we were introduced to a nation-changing program called the Leadership Development Program (LDP). Basically, Compassion chooses the best of its graduating high school students to put through college for intense leadership training. There’s an opportunity for churches/individuals here in the US to sponsor these students through four years of university.

On one of our days in Guatemala, we purchased some burlap messenger bags made of coffee sacks. To make a long story short, this friend of mine came up with the concept of selling these bags and raising funds to put more students through the LDP. She came back to her hometown, and figured out a design and production strategy. They’re pretty trendy bags, and I’m praying that the product will ‘tip’ soon. Check out their website if you’re interested in purchasing a bag and tell them Mitchel sent you.

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