Boundary Waters Pictures

Here’s some of the pics I took on our Boundary Waters spiritual formation trip. Enjoy!

Our band of merry men. From L to R. Jeff, William, Jason, Sokho, Rich, Baba, Frank, and John.

The Wilderness greeting us as we set out from Fall Lake

Our shelter for the next six days.

Our 'host' greeting us at our campsite!

Some of the falls. Shoulda brought my fly rod...<sigh>... matter. Still got my fish on!

And our eat on!

A day trip to see some Indian pictograms on some crazy high cliffs.

Stopped for a brief respite and some lunch!

B-dub Bandits!

Making our way through the Horse River

We had to walk our canoes at some shallow points.

And portage at others.

I think this pic sums up the trip pretty well.


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