>A Glimpse of Advent's Importance


Calvin and our family Advent calendar

The other night, Sarah was about to do the daily Advent reading and nightly ritual of opening the Advent calendar. As she was about to read, my mother called from Maryland. Usually when any of the grandparents call, the first question out of Calvin’s mouth is, “You wanna Skype?” (Actually, it comes out more like, “you wannuh kype?” This night was different, my mom called, and Calvin didn’t want to talk to her. Sarah asked him, and Calvin responded, “no we gonna do Advent.” She asked him if he wanted to Skype while doing Advent, and he responded, “no just Advent.” I love the focus and simplicity of Calvin’s perspective. He enjoys our nightly Advent tradition, and he wanted to keep it simple, uncluttered, and singular. I wish my own thoughts and meditations during Advent had such singular focus!

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