Though You Slay Me

A powerful video for those who are grieving loss today. I’d ask for your prayers for our church family as today and tomorrow will be tough days. Pray that God will be the treasure of our hearts, and that joy will abound amidst sorrow.

4 thoughts on “Though You Slay Me”

  1. Cindy Vander Laan

    I have had major loss in my life- numerous times, and some of the best worship time is when we just cry out to God and just bleed before Him, and HE reminds us that death is all part of the fall, and HE CARRY’s us and weeps with us. Praying for you.

    1. Cindy! Miss you and our random ministry connections. That time in Chicago together was sweet. I hope that you are still staying strong in speaking up for the poor and marginalized!

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