>Happiness and Profitability

>An interesting article in Inc magazine by Tony Hsieh, the founder of Zappos.com, a shoe/clothing online retailer – Why I Sold Zappos. I appreciated this article because it reflects the tale of a man who navigated a complicated situation and still held onto his convictions. Tony believed that his business should be run a certain way – by creating a culture of community and partnership even before profitability. I wonder if this is what churches need – leaders and cultural architects whose foremost priority is to create a Gospel-shaped, grace-driven culture of community even before the ‘profitability’ of souls saved and projects accomplished?

This is not to say that churches ought not to be missional, but Tony’s story gives me hope that if a billion dollar company can do this (and partner with another), then maybe churches can to. Wouldn’t that be a picture of the Gospel worth joining?

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