>Day 19 – Prayer for an overlooked group

>Today we prayed for a part of our church family that is often overlooked – single parents. Kevin shared a real-life illustration of why we need to pray for single moms and dads. I can’t imagine doing all the things that Sarah does (and that I add to it) with only ONE of us. It makes me really appreciate and love Sarah’s strength in that she has held the fort down on more than one occasion when I have traveled. What would it be to know that there was no reprieve? That you had to be bread-winner, nurturer, discipliner, father, mother, and individual all on your own? This is why we prayed for our single parents today. Praise God that he is a restorer of families and the upholder of the widow and the orphan.

Prayer Points:

  • Pray for the single parents of CF that they would be given wisdom and courage as they raise their children alone or jointly with an ex-spouse, especially if the ex is of a different religion or lives by a different moral standard.
  • Pray for these parents as they face their loneliness; that their hearts and lives may be filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray that they might find fellowship and support here at CF and be enabled to use their gifts to help and encourage others.
  • Pray also for the parents of blended families and the unique stress on the marriage as these couples raise their children and step-children together.
  • Pray that our men’ s ministry be especially sensitive to providing male support and friendship to young boys in our church who grow up without a dad in the home.
  • Pray also for those at CF who have adopted children or who are in the process of doing so.

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