Poema – What Will God Do?

Week 1, Jan 2022 Happy New Year, Grace! I hope and pray that the Christmas to New Year break was exactly that – a restful stoppage from all the frenetic activity of life. The post-Christmas, pre-New Year daze brings a slower, mellower feel that I always look forward to.   We went to bed late, …

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Juneteenth 2021

They were just dates, obscure places and shadowy moments, Never entering my consciousness because while it was my history, it wasn’t my family tree. THEN I MET YOU. Our family trees fused in a kintsugi-like trophy of grace sealed by something more precious than gold. Our lineages now interwoven in a new double helix – …

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A Tale of Two Stanleys

A Tale of Two Stanleys An interesting story of reconciliation and the humanity of two pastors – father and son.

Praying for the Election Today

This morning, about 30 folks from my church came together to pray for our nation, the election, the candidates, and our church. What a refreshing and powerful way to start the morning! As you go about this day, I pray that the Spirit of Jesus would remind you all that our hope can never be …

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Leadership Summit Session 5 with Craig Groeschel

  (No notes for Sessions 3-4) Craig Groeschel – Thoughts on bridging the gap between the generations   To the older generation: Don’t resent, fear, or judge the next generation.  If you are not dead, you are not done. Handing over ministry to the next generation Don’t just delegate tasks. That creates followers. Delegate authority …

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Session 2B – Jim Collins

  Jim Collins – Great By Choice Why do some leaders/organizations prevail in unpredictable, chaotic circumstances while others fail?   The difference in leadership behaviors led to success vs. failure. The X factor of what separates a truly exceptional leader is not personality, but rather humility combined with will.   Three distinctive leadership behaviors   …

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Stupid Love?

Ed Welch has an interesting blogpost on how to help someone who is in a bad relationship. 

A Letter To Beyonce

My friend, Aubrey Sampson, nails it in this letter to Beyonce. And believe it or not, she’s as good a speaker as she is a writer!!!