TED Talks

If you haven’t watched any of the TED talks, you’ve been missing out. TED stands for Technology, Education, and Design. It’s an annual gathering of world-changers, innovators, scientists, and entertainers. Each talk goes for 18-20 minutes, and you can find a wide range of topics on everything from magic to the Internet to psychology to …

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Poignant slideshow on how our smartphones are making us dumber.

The Trend of Customization

DC Comics released a new logo today that reinforces the growing trend of personalization and customization. The logo can be tailored to suit each individual character. In an age where technology and the Internet increases the likelihood of depersonalization, I find that the pushback towards self-expression and ¬†customization declares our need to be human, to …

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A Lesson from Steve Jobs

This is the second and last post I’ll make about Steve Jobs (promise). CNN just reported that Jobs died today at the tender age of 56. As I read various accounts of his life and accomplishments, some of his statements from Stanford’s 2005 commencement caught my attention. He said You can’t connect the dots looking …

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Thoughts on Twitter

For those of my readers who aren’t up to the latest (and perhaps even most recently passed) technology, here’s a great video summary of Twitter and its benefits/dangers. It seems that most of the Twitter news I hear about is people making unwise comments about sensitive issues. These folks will make boneheaded comments that offend …

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