Blatant Racism

A blogpost by pastor Eugene Cho pointed to this blatant racist app. I don’t consider myself an “angry Asian man”, but injustice like this makes me sick to my stomach. Will you sign this petition to get Google to remove this hurtful app?

Learning from a True Hero

This past Saturday, I had the unexpected joy of serving an elderly gentleman, Bill Scott, alongside two other members of our church – Mark and Dustin. Mr. Scott lives in a 175-year old house in a little corner of Laurel, MD. What I thought would be some kitchen work turned into having to tear out …

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Those people!?

Great video on how we view “the poor”. In the past year, I’ve been really convicted about how I essentially deny the doctrine of imago dei (being made in the image of God with all of its inherent dignity) in the way I interact with and respond to my neighbors – especially those who are …

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A Shameless Guest Post

My dear friend and respected sister in the teaching guild asked me to write a guest post to her blog. It’s about overcoming guilt and shame as a Korean-American pastor. Check it out and leave her a comment to encourage her! Also, if you’re looking for a gifted woman speaker for an event, she’s fantastic.

Fired up by an ignorant comment

So I read this¬†blogpost by a reformed African-American pastor, Thabiti Anyabwile, responding to a question as to why African-American pastors didn’t show up for a conference called Together For The Gospel. I thought it was a fair response, but one follow-up comment got me fired up. The comment was posed by a white reformed pastor …

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MLK's Drum Major Instinct

In my morning devotions today, I decided to read a sermon of Dr. Martin Luther King’s along with my Daily Office reading. (A few months ago, I bought a collection of Rev. King’s sermons and writings to read periodically.) I stumbled upon a sermon called, “The Drum Major Instinct”. It’s one of his more well-known …

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The Asian Secret?!

At least that was what a banner ad claimed on CNN. I was taken aback by this banner ad claiming to give the secret to strong, lush hair. Had it been just that, I would have been fine, but why was it advertised as an ASIAN secret? As if Asians have some sort of secret …

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