The Myth of Family Worship

A friend of mine and I have traded many battle stories about trying (unsuccessfully) to lead family devotions. Too often than not, we exchanged remorse over not leading well enough to have order and not chaos. I remember the defining moment when we simply accepted and acknowledged the fact that we weren’t being called to …

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Parental Amnesia

I’ve been taking a break from posting during this Lenten season, but I couldn’t resist reposting this entry from Gloria Furman at Desiring God. It’s amazing how parenting can push right up against the Gospel that tells us our identity is rooted and founded in Christ. How can we fight parental amnesia? How about other …

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Questionable Parenting Call!

CNN had this report about young girls “dressed up” for a dance competition. Which is more disturbing: the fact that these girls are being showcased as young adults or that the parents are ok with it? This is yet another example of adults taking over kiddo activities and using them for their own agenda/gain.

Epic Fail?

The other night I was battling deep feelings of failure. I couldn’t sleep. My mind accused me, declaring all of the ways in which I had failed as a husband, father, pastor, and son. I don’t know if those thoughts were precipitated by my son’s recent defiant attitude, the stress of ministry and the tough …

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How old is too young?

ESPN reported that the famed soccer club, Real Madrid, signed a 7-year old soccer prodigy to a contract. Seven. Years. Old!!!!? How does one identify a soccer prodigy at that age? Something about that is deeply unsettling to me. Maybe it’s the stealing of a child’s youth to simply enjoy the game. Maybe it’s the way …

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The Absurdity of Parenting

“It’s amazing how parents spend the first years teaching their kids to walk and talk, and the rest of their lives telling them to stay still and be quiet!” – Anonymous, stressed out parent