Passion 2012: When Worship Fuels Mission

I’ve always been a fan of the Passion movement started by Louie Giglio. The movement started about 15 years ago, and its hallmark has always been the cool conferences gathering thousands of college-aged students¬†from around the country along with the fantastic music they’ve produced. Their worship leaders are recording artists and songwriters who have written …

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Be Courageous

I had the privilege of speaking to the men’s ministry of our church last night. The message was entitled, “The Courage that Christmas Requires,” out of Matt 2:1-12. Here’s a Casting Crowns music video that I played at the every end. [youtube]

Tones of the Myth

One of the aims of this blog is to observe and note ‘echoes’ (occurrences, examples, etc.) of the Gospel in our culture, our nature, and our world. I believe the core elements of the Gospel to be so fundamental to our existence that these echoes are all around us – creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. …

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Reilly's coming!

One of the unexpected blessings of living out here in Chicagoland has been the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people. The networks that God has put me in have been one aspect of ministry that I have come to cherish. I am so grateful to my church for placing such a high value …

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