A Lesson from Steve Jobs

This is the second and last post I’ll make about Steve Jobs (promise). CNN just reported that Jobs died today at the tender age of 56. As I read various accounts of his life and accomplishments, some of his statements from Stanford’s 2005 commencement caught my attention. He said You can’t connect the dots looking …

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Questionable Parenting Call!

CNN had this report about young girls “dressed up” for a dance competition. Which is more disturbing: the fact that these girls are being showcased as young adults or that the parents are ok with it? This is yet another example of adults taking over kiddo activities and using them for their own agenda/gain.

What are you waiting for

I just recently read a simple book by Seth Godin called “Poke the Box”. There wasn’t anything that was revolutionary or mind-blowing about it, but its message stuck with me. Godin starts with the assertion, “The challenge, it turns out, isn’t in perfecting your ability to know when to start and when to stand by. …

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A Great Example of Taking a Stand in Grace and Truth

I was impressed by Bill Hybels’ response to the lobbyists who undermined Howard Schultz’s (CEO of Starbucks) participation in the Leadership Summit. It was a clearly-worded, loving defense of the biblical standards for sexuality (homo or hetero). Justin Taylor beat me to the punch in posting about it. [youtube=]

How old is too young?

ESPN reported that the famed soccer club, Real Madrid, signed a 7-year old soccer prodigy to a contract. Seven. Years. Old!!!!? How does one identify a soccer prodigy at that age? Something about that is deeply unsettling to me. Maybe it’s the stealing of a child’s youth to simply enjoy the game. Maybe it’s the way …

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A Secular View of Giving

In a recent article, Are You Ready to Start Giving to Charity?, gave some guidelines for when and how you should give to charitable organizations. I’m particularly sensitive to some of their reasons and reasoning because of a series our church recently did on generosity. I wish I could say that I am shocked by …

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Facedowns vs. Planking?

CNN had this interesting video report on a new craze. I’ve seen a number of these posed pictures over facebook, and it makes me wonder what about the human existence and our culture craves this kind of randomness and silliness. Not that I have anything against it. I’m just wondering what gives? Any hypotheses?