My Letter to Ricky Gervais

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reposted (Dec 2010) British comedian/writer, Ricky Gervais’, letter on why he is an atheist. I wanted to write a line by line response to some of Gervais’ objections and points, but I thought a letter would be more appropriate. It’s not comprehensive, but it’s how I would respond to such …

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A Great Example of Taking a Stand in Grace and Truth

I was impressed by Bill Hybels’ response to the lobbyists who undermined Howard Schultz’s (CEO of Starbucks) participation in the Leadership Summit. It was a clearly-worded, loving defense of the biblical standards for sexuality (homo or hetero). Justin Taylor beat me to the punch in posting about it. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFhSfr13Y6o&feature=player_embedded]