Disciple. Husband. Father. Son. Brother. Pastor.

Riding an elephant in Chang Mai, Thailand. Even our youngest (at the time), Ben, was along for the ride!

My name is Mitchel Lee, and I am a Korean-American pastor living in Maryland. I have been serving as the Lead Pastor of Grace Community Church in Fulton, MD since September 2016. This congregation brings me so much joy and makes me want to be a better pastor for her.
I’ve lived in MD, IL, and South Korea, and have had the privilege of ministering to missionaries all around the world through teaching and friendship.
My wife and partner in ministry, Sarah, is my best friend and closest confidant. I never tire of watching her sleep, trying to figure out what she just said, and seeing her grow in wisdom and skill as we raise our five children.
Yes. FIVE children. We were really good with four, but the Lord must have thought we weren’t dependent enough! My three oldest boys, Calvin, Noah, and Benjamin have taught me more theology than all of my seminary classes combined. Through our life together, I have come face to face with my own depravity, experienced the Father’s heart of love in joy and in discipline, and seen what a child-like faith really is.
Owen’s first birthday selfie

They keep me grounded when the demands of leading a church threaten to distract me. Even if they weren’t my kids, I’d love to hang out with them.
My two youngest, Beatrice and Owen, keep the chaos level just into the “unmanageable” zone. Beatrice is the rose among thorns (but can be pretty thorny herself), and Owen is our classic youngest child who can do no wrong.
Through it all, God gives us plenty of opportunities to hear the echoes of the Gospel in our daily life, reminding us of the greater story he is writing and our need for him each step of the way.